Mauritius Bike Hire has a much more exciting way of showing you around. You can rent a bike from us and explore the side roads and ally-ways of Mauritius at your own pace. What better way to soak up the true atmosphere of this fascinating

Your journey will not only take you to the famous places like Port luis, Grand bay, but to the Burren, Ailwee Cave, through lively towns and villages – and so many more places besed

This is the real Paradise, If you want to see all of her faces, rent a bike from us


We always dont have enough bikes, so no need to book in advance 


We have the few stock


We also can offer you suggestions where to go to; maps and plans of Mauritius and surrounding area's or even all of Holland are available; and because we cycle a lot ourselves, we know what we advise you.

 For 3 days rent only $100
Ph. +2307046544